Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fun new cooking show

I've gotten myself addicted to a new cooking show on the Food Network, called Daphne Dishes.  Daphne is quite funny, being a stand-up comedian and all; is married to a professional chef, and is a personal friend of a friend of mine.  Because of that last statement, I tuned into her first episode.  And well, I liked her.  She seems real, and I like that.

So today as I watched one of her new episodes (noon EST on Sundays) I fell madly in love with her pound cake with strawberries.  My boys won't eat the balsamic strawberries that she made, so mine were plain, and instead of vanilla ice cream I made home made whipped cream, but her pound cake I made as advertised. OMG so good!  With five eggs and 1 and 3/4 sticks butter, it's got to be good, right? was.  I definitely plan on making this again and again.

Here is a link to her recipe:


Here is a pic of mine; pretty awesome, huh?

Yeah, I thought you would think so.  Tomorrow, should there be any leftovers, I will try toasting it like Daphne does.  In the meantime...

Happy Eating!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pots and Pans


I'm siting here watching Ree, the Pioneer Woman, cook up some very yummy chicken based dishes today.  I love watching cooking shows, if not for the recipes, but for the tools they use in the kitchen.  I get lots of great ideas for things to add to my already packed drawers and cabinets.

Speaking of a packed kitchen, is anyone decluttering?  My kitchen is already organized, so I am currently cleaning each item as it come up on the challenge; taking out all the pots and & pans and scrubbing down the inside & outside of the cabinet before putting everything back where it came from.  I'm not a big "stuff" person, so my kitchen is pretty streamlined.  We'll see what happens when next month we leave the kitchen and head into other rooms.

But I digress.  As usual.  But not really...since I was talking about the cabinet with my pots and pans, and that's the title of this post, right?  Right.

I love the tools they use on cooking shows; and I find myself wanting each and every one of them.  I've been married almost 25 years, and some of my pots and pans have been around that long, but they were high quality when we purchased/were gifted them so they have lasted.  And lasted.  And lasted!  I really want some new ones, but can't justify the expense when I an work with what I have. Sigh.

So here is my wish list:

a pasta pot - the kind that you pull up the strainer and the water stays in the pan

a dutch oven - the kind that you start the meal on the stovetop, then put the whole pot in the oven

That's it.  For now.  I'm not asking for a lot, right??  Just a couple items... :)

Happy cooking!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's Cold. It's Freakin' COLD!

Brrr.....that's all I got today. Brrrrrrrrr....

Lucky for me I don't have to go outside until much later, but unlucky for me it'll be dark then, so it'll be colder than it is right now with the sun shining.

Thought I would share my morning snack with you today.  I've decided to take up yoga again, in an effort to  get myself to a better place physically.  Over a year ago I bought a yoga DVD set; came with a book showing you how to do each pose, 2 foam blocks, a strap, and a DVD.  This time last year I went through the introductory part of the DVD that showed you how to do the combination of poses that they use a lot in the DVD. Things got busy, and well, all excuses aside I didn't look at it again until this past Tuesday.  I did the "transitions" part of the DVD, which shows you how they transition from one pose sequence to another.  Went a bit fast but...whatever.  Then I hit PLAY.  Eighteen minutes if way too fast-paced yoga that I gave up after twelve minutes.  It was horrible.  Same sets of moves over and over, and NOT at all for beginners.

I really wish I had tried this DVD more completely last year, when I could've possibly returned it,  Now I'm stuck with it; may try again one day, but in the meantime I know own two foam blocks and a strap.  haha.

Back to the food...after all, that's what this blog was supposed to be about, right?  It's branched off as time has gone on, turning more and more into a lifestyle blog.  And I'm good with that.  I think that's what I want it to be.

Small handful of mixed nuts, a wedge of monterey jack cheese, and a couple of strawberries.  Yum! Perfect combo to give me energy for some yoga.

A friend recommended a series on will play one while eating my snack.  Then hopefully give it a try!

I'd love to hear any recommendations you have!

Happy Eating!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy 2015!

Well 2015 is here and time for everyone to make resolutions they won't keep.

For 2014, my resolution was to spend more time with friends, so something fun each month, and to continue my food journey by seeking out healthier places to eat out.  I was pretty successful in the first two; the second was much harder.  Luckily I live in an area that is growing in natural foods,

So for 2015 I am going to continue with 2014 resolutions, but have added one more; decluttering the crap that has accumulated over the years.  I found this great site that helps you organize this process by giving you one small task each day.

Wanna try?

2015 Organized Home

It's simple; sign up via e-mail or visit their website daily; you can download a calendar that you can print out each month for your daily task.  How much easier can they make it??

Good luck; let me know how you are doing!!