Friday, November 16, 2012

Hello and Welcome!

Hi there! Nice to meet you!! I am Kathy and I started this blog to help others out there, that are like me, and are trying their best to lead a healthy food life in this over-processed world that we live in.

Most likely you found my blog through a search for "clean eating" or "healthy foods" or "how to avoid processed foods" or something along those lines.  That is exactly where I started October 2011.  Late September 2011 I started having digestive issues; heart burn, rib pain, chest pain.  My doctor told me to keep a food journal, note times of day and what foods were bothering me, what happens (or doesn't happen!) when I avoid those trigger foods.  This process got me thinking about what I was putting in my (and my family's) body every day.  That, along with the constant reports of cancer increasing in younger and younger people, got me interested in what can be called "clean eating."

I started an internet search on my symptoms, acid reflux, GERD, and gallbladder disease.  Clean eating kept popping up all over the place.  I continued my search and found a plethora of blogs, recipes and wonderful looking recipes that were "healthy" for me and my family.  I'm sure by now, if you have been at this for a while, you are a bit overwhelmed.  I sure was.  All these "rules" about what is clean and what is not; paleo vs clean vs natural vs organic; oh boy!!! I printed out list after list of ingredients I should have in my home, got shell-shocked at the price tag in the grocery store of these ingredients I had previously never heard of, and tried my best to figure it all out.

The first thing I did was NOT throw out everything processed in my house.  I slowly over time used it all, so as not to make a drastic change to my family.  I have a wonderful hubby of 20 years, and two teenage boys, currently 13 & 15.  "What do you mean no more Oreos???"  I heard OFTEN.  So my first recommendation, if you are trying to change your family's eating habits, is to GO SLOW.  Don't do it to them (and yourself all at once.)  They will NOT be happy with you!

I grew up with HORRIBLE eating habits.  Food was not a priority in my house, for many reasons which I won't share at this time.  My husband grew up the opposite; no sweets in the house, you snack on lettuce.  Total opposites; as time went on, of course I brought him over to the dark side and ruined all his mom's hard work.  So now we are working on a happy, unprocessed medium.

My goal for this blog is to share with you my journey in removing processed foods.  I want to share products I found that I feel fit in with "my" clean eating rules.  I look forward to getting to know other folks out there in cyberspace like me; we do our best and hope for the best.

Hello, and welcome!!  Kathy


  1. Welcome to the CE blogging community, Kathy! There aren't a lot of us out there blogging about Clean Eating, and it is a challenge finding information about it...which is why I started my blog 2+ years ago. Thanks so much for the link; I hope you find my blog helpful.

    I find blogging about CE just as helpful to myself as other people find it - it helps me reflect on my successes, pinpoint my weak areas, and in general - help other people in the process. I hope you have the same experience.


  2. Thanks Maura!! At the one year mark in our change, it's nice to look back on my journey and see my successes and failures. I hope others find my mistakes as educational. We have other eating issues going on in our home, from my extremely low-fat diet to my hubby's pre-diabetic diet to the acid reflux we both have; eating can be quite the challenge for us!