Friday, November 1, 2013

October 31

Last diary day!!!  Looking back over the last month, I have learned quite a few new things.  Although we have been eating as clean as we could the past couple of years, I see lots of room for improvement.  I will definitely take what I have learned this month and move forward with the process of removing all the bad stuff from our diets.  I hope the Facebook group continues going, the people are so nice & have been very helpful!!!!

Breakfast: steel cut oats with raisins & cinnamon

Morning Snack: nothing

Lunch: the rest of the leftover pasta that no one else wants

Afternoon Snack: pumpkin donut - my boss knows I love all things pumpkin and brought it for me - she had one too, so we had to eat it together

Dinner: grilled cheese sandwiches & string beans in between answering the door!

Evening Snack: 5 snack size Twix. :(

Taking a quick break from blogging for a few days; my goal is to post 3ish times a week from now on.  Daily posts and work and holidays just don't mix.  Last year I had a lot of fun posting my 12 Treats of Christmas; most not very clean - lot don't pass the kitchen test, but it sure was fun.  My goal THIS year is to see if I can make 12 Kitchen Test Clean treats!!  Come back in December to see how I do. :)

Happy Eating!!!

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