Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Book Review - Recipes I Can't Make

Okay, I have spent a lot of time in the last few days reading thru the "mix" portion of the book:  Make-A-Mix.   (If you click on "book review" on the right, you'll see related posts.)

Here is the list of the recipes that have an ingredient that is "un-clean" - if I search the grocery I may be able to find an acceptable option, but at this point I am going to focus on the ones I don't need to hunt for a new ingredient for.  So here are the ones I will be skipping for now and why:

Breadmaker Mix - uses non fat dry milk
Cornbread Mix - uses milk or buttermilk powder
Graham Cracker Crust Mix - uses box graham crackers
Hot Roll Mix - uses non fat dry milk
Whole Wheat Hot Roll Mix - uses non fat dry milk
Quick Mix - uses non fat dry milk
Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix - uses dry buttermilk
Lemon Pudding Mix - uses powdered lemonade mix
Beef Gravy Mix - uses non fat dry milk
Chicken Gravy Mix - uses non fat dry milk
White Sauce Mix -  uses non fat dry milk
Home-Style Dressing Mix - uses MSG "if desired" (can you even buy this??)
Hot Chocolate Mix - uses non-dairy creamer
Russian Refresher Mix - uses powdered lemonade mix (popular drink at one time??)

This leaves me with a whole lot to try!  I am hoping no one puts a hold on the book before I can finish getting through it. :)

As I mentioned earlier, there is a "mix" section and a "recipe section" (made from the mixes.)  Nice concept.

Before I can try the one I really want to try, the brownie mix...I gotta go buy more cocoa powder.  These sure use a lot!! But I guess if you are making a "mix" you want extras to have on hand, right?  The chocolate pudding mix is almost gone. And that makes 6 batches. So much for losing weight. :)

Happy eating, Kathy

Friday, February 1, 2013

Final Product Review - Clean Candy #5

Here we are...the last of the 5 candy bars Unreal 5.

Product info can be found here:  Unreal 5 which can be compared to a Milky Way.

Open it up, take a nice sniff...so far so good!  Looks very similar.  I am not a Milky Way fan, so let's start with that.  Totally a Snickers girl, love me some peanuts.  So this taste test will be a little unfair since I don't usually eat this type of candy.

First bite...good, not great.  Again, I am predisposed to not like this type of candy bar, but am trying to look past that.  Not sure if it's the relation of nougat to caramel, but there is too much nougat for me.  It almost tastes like a vitamin company candy bar I used to eat when I was younger.  A family friend sold the vitamin products so my mom would buy them for me.  Can't for the life of me remember the name of the company, but getting that familiar taste in my mouth.  I wonder if those were first beginnings of cleaner candy?

So anyway, would I eat it again? Yes. Would I chose it if there was another choice? No.

Here is my final ranking of Unreal candy choices:

5...Unreal 5 (this one)
4...Unreal 41 (plain m&ms) - cause of the aftertaste
3...Unreal 77 (peanut butter cups) - cause there needs to be a little bit more peanut butter inside
2...Unreal 54 (peanut m&ms) - only 2nd cause there needs to be more in the bag
1........Unreal 8 (snickers) cause I am a Snickers girl!!

I would not hesitate to buy any of them again!  The thought of being able to eat candy without all the yucky stuff inside makes me so happy.  Going to head over to CVS this weekend and buy 1 more of each for my kids to taste test...and see what THEY think!  They will jump for joy when they find out they can have candy again :)

Happy snacking!  Kathy