Sunday, January 17, 2016

Baked Apple

Happy 100th post!!!

It's snowing here today, so it got me thinking.  Is there anything better, on a cold day, than hot comfort food?

Here's one of my favorite, simple desserts.  Baked apples.

I modified this recipe:  Bloomin Baked Apples Recipe

It uses store bought caramels, which of course are a no-no in  my house.  So a simple caramel recipe gets poured in the middle instead.  And the rest of the caramel goes in the fridge for ice cream.  :D

Step 1: gather your ingredients.

 I use small apples most of the time, but every now & then, I can find these monsters!

Those are really good.

Cut the apples as described in the recipe, pour some caramel in the middle, and bake.  Yum!!!

For the non-regulars, here is my favorite caramel recipe:  Caramel Sauce

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the apple after it was baked.  It was too good, that I ate it before realizing I needed the picture! time, I promise.

Happy eating!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Simple crackers!

We love crackers.  They are great for snacking, great for a side to soups, wet salads like chicken salad, anything where you need an extra crunch,  Originally, crackers were one of my "exceptions" as I thought I would never be able to make them myself,  But they ARE so simple to make!

Right now I am sitting here being absolutely lazy, watching the Food Network.  On comes Trisha Yearwood, and what is one of her recipes?  Crackers!  I haven't tried these myself yet, but as the high temps will be around 30 degrees F today...they may end up in my oven sooner than later.  Like in a couple hours.  :D

Trisha's Homemade Herbed Crackers

Home made crackers I have made: simple cheese crackers!

Cheese Crackers

5 ingredients, you cam make them squares like Cheese Its, or if you have small cookie cutters, like a goldfish.  I've made these a few times, and the hardest part of grating the cheese.

Side note:  I haven't tried this recipe, but in the post there are instructions as to how to make little cutters.
Home made goldfish cracker cutters & recipe

So I wish I had a picture to share with you, of those lovely little crackers.  I make them without even thinking, so the camera never comes out.  Maybe I'll just have to make some later today, so I can share a picture with you.  So good!!!

This seems like a perfect day to turn on the oven and make crackers, lots of crackers.  Off to take out a stick of butter to soften...

EDIT: yum!!!  

Happy Eating!