Saturday, December 22, 2012

The 12 Treats of Christmas - 10th

"On the tenth day of Christmas, the treat lovingly baked by me...

s'more cookes!"

Yes, making "some more" cookies!  But these are SMORE cookies!

Whipped up a batch of home made marshmallows.
      (Marshmallow post)
      (this time I used Alton Brown's marshamallow recipe)
Bought a box of graham crackers (or you can make your own, see this recipe here:  Serious Eats Gluten-Free Graham Crackers)
Bought a bag of chocolate chips (you choose your favorite)

Inspiration for this recipe came from Christi at Tip Junkie. I cleaned it up a bit and took it off the stick.  You can find her original recipe here: S'mores Pops

So here we go!!

I pre-prepped the graham crackers before making the marshmallows. Got everything ready cause I knew the marshmallow would be sticky.  I wanted to have the pans ready for both the s'mores and to make more marshmallows (cause we already ate up the first batch.)  While the  marshmallows were mixing, I melted the chocolate, and put a dollop of it on one side of the graham cracker. Spread the marshmallow on the other half, put the sandwich together...and yum!!

The recipe says to put in freezer for a bit, but mine is so stuffed with my holiday meal I just stuck the tray in the fridge while I cleaned up.  The melted chocolate had got a bit hard, so I microwaved it a bit.  Some I sprinkled with mini Christmas M&Ms, for the kids of course. Not for me. :) Once a year artificial coloring can't hurt too much, right??

Yumm!! Happy Eating!  Kathy

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