Thursday, December 20, 2012

The 12 Treats of Christmas - 8th

"On the eighth day of Christmas, the treat lovingly baked by me...

peanut butter Kiss cookies!"

I used my old stand by recipe, substituted my clean versions of the ingredients, and was disappointed. Here they are anyway, one with a Kiss on top and one without (since I know the Kisses are not clean I wanted some for just me.)  The cookies came out too dry; they cracked too much when putting the Kiss on top.  Even the ones I did not put the Kisses on were dry. I know I did not overbake them, as the middles were still a bit uncooked.  Even the dough was dry & crumbly before baking.  But they taste okay. For next year I will research a better clean peanut butter recipe.  I won't post the one I used here since it was not so awesome.

But I will give you a picture!! 

Happy Eating! Kathy

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