Monday, November 19, 2012

Clean Eating for Thanksgiving part 1

Skipping ahead in my pre-planned introductory posts to think about Thanksgiving.  I am working on my shopping list for the week.  The stores can get crazy this week, I'm sure you know, so I'm getting out early.

I was very successful last year in keeping with my clean eating for the holidays, and fully intend to keep it up again this year.  How about you?

I have been put in charge of the salad and the desserts.  The salad is easy, until you get to the dressing. That is when it gets REALLY hard.  Bottled dressings are filled with extra stuff that we really don't need!  A simple oil & vinegar can taste quite yummy when you play with the oils & vinegars, and can be much cheaper than buying a bottle dressing in the long run.

Here is my salad:   (organic is always preferred, but not always easy to find)
     1 package baby spinach
     small to medium can of mandarin oranges (juicer than fresh, plus easier to find)
     sliced baby portabello mushrooms
     chopped pecans or walnuts, your preference
     2-3 hard boiled eggs, chopped

That's it - yummy flavors & textures that work together so well!  I'll take a picture and post it after it's made.

The dressing:
    1/2 c oil (light oils better than olive here; I use grapeseed)
    2T balsamic vinegar (I like  more; we can also use a white balsamic for a slightly different flavor)
    2T sugar
    pinch of salt

Wisk together in liquid measuring cup, pour over salad & mix in (if everyone likes it that way) or serve on side.  Yummy!!!

My dessert entry will be quite long, so I'm going to put that in a separate post.

Happy eating!! Kathy

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