Monday, December 17, 2012

The 12 Treats of Christmas - 5th

"On the fifth day of Christmas, the treat lovingly baked by me...

chooooooclate cake!"

 Make sure you  sing that line properly!! Feel like I am stretching this song a bit, but it's all in fun, right?

My most favorite flour, King Arthur, has a very yummy chocolate cake recipe on the back of it's box. You can find it here: Moist Chocolate Cake

I use the King Arthur Cake Flour and organic white sugar for this recipe. I have a mini cupcake pan with tree shaped holes, so we made some trees, a round cake, and saved some to make the base for tomorrow's treat; the yule log!  My kids are not big on frosting, so we eat the cake as is.

Come back to tomorrow to see how that turned out.   Happy Eating!! Kathy

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