Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 1

Here we 1.

For breakfast today I already failed. Haha!  I have been searching for alternative breakfast cereals my teen boys will actually eat, so a couple weeks ago I found an alternative to Lucky Charms made my Mom's Best Cereals.  They make "Mallow Oats" - aka Lucky Charms - with natural colors.  My kids like their marshmallows, but not the oats part.  So they left the box to me to eat.  Since I am not throwing my money away, I will finish them for my own breakfast today & tomorrow.  Why do they not pass the kitchen test?  They contain corn syrup.   Hard to have a decent marshmallow without it.  But I did see a recipe that makes them with agave I may try when the challenge is over.  I use organic cows milk in my cereal bowl - it's local and of good quality.  Cup of Starbucks coffee with a bit of half n half - just a bit.

Here is where you can find this brand of cereal:

Morning snack: Peach Chobani.  Does it pass the kitchen test? Ehhhhh...probably not.  But not negotiable in my eating plan.  I need the dairy mid-morning due to my acid reflux problems...otherwise I can't have that one cup of coffee I so desperately need each day.  I get really grumpy without it!!  I can make my own yogurt if I try...but one of my concessions is the Chobani.

Lunch: leftover organic chicken sausage from the previous day's dinner.  I don't have the package to read the ingredients, but since it's organic I'm going to pretend it's okay. :) And a salad with a bit of white balsamic vinegar and grapeseed oil.   There are sulfites in my vinegar. :(

Afternoon snack: the end of a container of Turkey Hill All Natural Salted Caramel Ice Cream.  I had a small portion left and now it's gone.  While it is the better of the choices on the market, it does contain sugar which does not pass the kitchen test.

Dinner: cheeseburger with Boar's Head sliced cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, no bun.  Problem with this meal - the PICKLES!!! Did not notice before that there are artificial food colors in pickles. Ugh.  So now I am on the search for pickles made more cleanly.  Never thought I'd have to read that label before.  So I have learned something!!!

Evening snack: glass of cab sav from the winery I work at.

Overall, not a great first day but tomorrow will be better!!!

Happy eating,

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