Friday, October 4, 2013

October 3

So today I went to visit one of my local grocery stores and spent a lot of time looking up and down the organic/natural refrigerated sections.  One of the things I don't have any interest in making myself are things like sausage, pepperoni, salami...that kind of thing.  I spent a lot of time reading packages, taking pictures, and looking at websites when I got home.  Some brands do a great job explaining their products online, like and others not so much, like I found another brand of sausage that looks good in addition to learning more about the sausage I have been buying from Costco for a couple years  Overall, a great trip!! Next week I am going to hit up another store and see what I can find there.

Meals for today:

Breakfast: the Mallow Oats are finally gone - last bowl consumed this morning, with local organic milk.  Coffee with half n half.

Morning Snack: strawberry Chobani

Lunch: Boars Head roast beef & provolone on whole wheat bread with a bit of organic mayo & lettuce

Afternoon Snack: Starbucks pumpkin spice latter (I know, I know; I was weak)

Dinner: grilled steak seasoned lightly with fresh ground pepper & Himalayan sea salt, organic peas

Evening Snack: a handful or three or five of Unreal Nutty Ones

Happy Eating!

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