Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 11

Last busy day - work, appointments, but challenge still going strong.  I am learning so much from the Facebook group!  What a wonderful group of people.

Breakfast: steel cut oats with cinnamon, thinned a bit with skim milk.

Morning snack: blood orange Chobani right before my flu shot.  Have you got yours yet?  Not sure how it fits into the challenge, haha!!

Lunch: Boars Head ham & cheddar on the last of the Nature's Own bread with lettuce & organic mayo.

Afternoon snack: working, so no snack.

Dinner:  was supposed to work tonite, so I had nothing planned.  My family was going to order pizza in my absence and I was going to eat the above sandwich for dinner, but my hours got shifted so had to last minute plan.  Last minute plan was stopping for pizza & calzones. :(  But one of my exceptions was eating out once a week.  At least it's not frozen pizza, right?????

Happy Eating!

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