Monday, October 14, 2013

October 13

Yesterday my hubby & I went to the farm that I visited last week.  He was curious about what meats they offered.  That, and he loved the kale chips I made so much he wanted me to get more kale to make them again today!!  In addition to the curly kale you find at the grocery, this farm grows two other kinds of kale; they recommended using TUSCANO kale to make kale chips.  OMG it was so good!! You didn't have to deal with the curly edges not crisping and was much easier to clean & dry.

So while we were at the farm, we picked up breakfast for today...last night's addition to the kale. :) I need to learn to bring my camera places with me, so I can take pictures to post.

Breakfast: fresh from the farm eggs & bacon.  The bacon is made from pastured pork, is all natural with no nitrates or preservatives or any of that other yucky stuff we are avoiding.  It was so good I can't even tell you.  Even though it was really expensive, $10 a pound, it was worth it.  We don't have bacon all that much anyway, so I can work this into my food budget.  It's amazing how much money you save when you are not buying bags of potato chips and other junk.  We also had a loaf of ciabatta bread I had in the freezer.  I defrosted it last night then popped it in the oven this morning; the package claims "All Natural" but we know that means nothing.  It says on the package if you don't use that day you are to freeze it.  But I am saving for a breadmaker, I should have it by Thanksgiving the latest!!

Morning Snack: lemon Chobani

Lunch: 2 apple cider donuts from a farm stand we drove buy.  All I can say was if I can help it, I am never buying a farm stand donut again!!! The ingredients list was just as bad as the donuts from the orchard near me!! This time of year, the donuts were the only thing available we could eat at that moment.  They had a few lettuces but we had no where to wash it, and everything else needed prep.  We were not in an area with any places to stop & eat, plus we were running short on time.  They did sell pies too, but without forks, not a option.

Afternoon Snack: pretzels at a winery

Dinner: The last two ham steaks we had in the freezer and organic peas.  Not in the mood to cook!

Evening Snack: Unreal Nutty Ones.  This is becoming a habit, I think. :)

Didn't get to the kale chips, so making them tomorrow.

Happy Eating!

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