Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8

Today started out as a quiet day; taking some much needed "me" time to read, watch a movie (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen) then I went to the library.  Quick stop at the farmers market to pick up a couple of potatoes and some broccoli & cavatelli for tomorrow's dinner and I was in for the day.  I even started prepping dinner early; getting some of the chopping and such done so I wouldn't have a mountain of dishes at the end of the night.  Good thing I did, since while I was doing the last of the breading of the chicken cutlets I reached for my glass of water, and in my haste I dropped it and it broke.  And cut my hand.  In a few places.  Sigh,  Happily my 16 yo was able to finish the egg dip & breading of the cutlets while I tended to my wounds & cleaning of the glass.  One cut may need stitches, but going to see how it looks tomorrow.  Got the bleeding stopped & covered it with a liquid bandage. Hard to type so going to be quick with this post.

Breakfast: steel cut oats, thinned with a bit of organic skim milk; cinnamon & some of yesterday's applesauce mixed in

Morning Snack: strawberry Chobani

Lunch: grilled ham& cheese on http://www.naturesownbread.com/ dipped in organic ketchup.

Afternoon snack: applesauce

Dinner: breaded chicken cutlets (bread crumb comes from bakery) I add seasonings; roasted potatoes with onion & rosemary, string beans.

Evening Snack: glass of wine, Unreal Gimme Ones candies

Happy Eating!

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