Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 14

Today I listened to the October Unprocessed Q&A conversation and the guest today, Yoni Freedhoff from weightymatters.ca and he made some really good points about this whole process.  Striving for perfection, for that A+, while it is a great goal, actually achieving a good solid B is just as great.  We should not be ashamed for the B.  It's our job to do our best, and our best changes day by day.  I am really going to keep this in mind as I continue on with this journey.  If you did not get a change to participate live, go back and listen to it when you get a chance.

Today's food diary:

Breakfast: whole wheat bagel (from bagel shop) with that All Natural jelly I'm trying to use up.  Still looking for a better choice.

Morning Snack: banana Chobani

Lunch: leftover ham & peas from yesterday's dinner

Afternoon Snack: cinnamon muffin - made by me!!

Dinner:  my favorite roasted chicken http://nutritionfor.us/2011/08/esbs-lemon-rosemary-roasted-chicken/
with a big yummy salad and Annie's Macaroni & Cheese on the side.

Evening Snack: nothing!! I was so full from dinner I wasn't hungry.  Plus, I had stock going on the stove from the chicken so I was busy tending that, and enjoying Monday night tv. :)

Happy Eating!

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