Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 12

One of my biggest challenges since switching to a cleaner lifestyle is breakfast for my kids.  My boys are teenagers now, 14 & 16, both in high school.  Around here, that means school bus pick ups before 7am.  It's really had to get up early enough to cook breakfast for them every day.  By Friday I am exhausted!!  For them to have breakfast on the table by 6:30, I am up between 6 & 6:15 to cook it.  The later time is heating pre-made (by me, of course) pancakes or toasting a bagel (not made by me, I am SO bad with breads) and the earlier time is cooking eggs and such.  A couple days a week I really need them to have a bowl of cereal.  They are being really stubborn with what cereals they like!!!  They have not had a bowl of anything by Kelloggs in almost two years, yet they still complain about how what I give them tastes.  The only one they will eat happily is made by Mom's Best Cereals called Crispy Cocoa Rice.  They do not pass the kitchen test, but they are better than the Cocoa Krispies made by Kelloggs.  I find that I am eating the rest of the box every time they turn up their noses.  To me, they taste fine, LOL.  I don't intend on giving in, but the battle is definitely wearing me down.

Anyone out there deal with this successfully at home?

Breakfast today: Cinnamon Crunch cereal that the kids didn't like, with organic skim milk.  Coffee with half and half.

Morning snack: lemon Chobani

Lunch: football time today, Go Big Red!!!  leftover taco meat with mango peach salsa & organic tortilla chips; fresh baked kale chips from local organic farm; Unreal Nutty Ones

Dinner: country style ribs smoked on the grill. ribs come from a local grass-fed farm with organic mixed veggies on the side.

Evening Snack: wine (yeah I like wine but we went to see a band play at a winery) and Unreal Nutty Ones.

Happy Eating!

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