Friday, October 11, 2013

October 10

Boy did this day go by fast!!! Worked all day, so not much food stuff to report in.

Breakfast: leftover potatoes (wish I had made even MORE extra, cause they were good!) with eggs, coffee with half and half

Lunch: apple cinnamon Chobani, leftover applesauce, 4 pieces of Vermont cinnamon raisin bread. Yeah, that was lunch.  I totally forgot as I was running around trying to get there on time (and run the couple errands I needed to run before hand) that I didn't make lunch.  There is no were close to go to eat, not that I am eating out much right now anyway, so I threw in what I could.

Afternoon snack: As I'm sure you figured out, I was starving by the time I was almost ready to leave.  I found a Hershey's with Almonds at work, leftover from a private party the weekend before, so I ate it. does not taste good anymore.  I would have totally skipped it but my stomach was growling loud enough for my co-workers to hear and I still had to go pick up my son from an after-school club!! So I ate it. :(

Dinnner: tacos made with taco seasoning from Weis.  I had purchased their taco shells before, only three ingredients, so thought I'd give their packaged seasoning a try.  It was a little bland for our taste.  We have been trying very hard to eliminate the packaged seasonings, but we've never liked any of the recipes I've tried!  I've made so many different ones, as we have tacos at least once, if not twice, a month.  Oh well...we'll keep trying!!

The shells.

Evening snack: mojito for the football game & some Angie's Kettle Corn.

Happy Eating!!

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