Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 16

Spent some time today wandering through my local Weis store.  I have started to make lists of which stores carry what products I want to buy, because of course none of the three in town carries everything I want.  Next week I am trekking out to the Wegeman's - I know they carry a lot more good choices, but the driving time is not usually worth the effort.

Breakfast:  I really wanted oatmeal this morning, but decided I should finish more of the cereal my kids didn't like.  Healthy-er cereals tend to be a bit more expensive than the yucky ones, and wasting money is not on my agenda.  Good thing I made an exception when this process started for using up what I had in the house.  Haha.  So today I ate some of the Snackimals Cinnamon Crunch by  Here is a direct link to the cereal:  It ALMOST passes the kitchen test.  Natural flavor, of course, is a fail but I need to research one of the other ingredients...FRUCTAN (NutraFlora, Natural Dietary Fiber.) Will report back on this when I can.

Morning Snack:  peach Chobani

Lunch: finished up yesterday's soup

Afternoon Snack: I baked sugar cookies so I admit I nibbled on the dough.  But these pass the kitchen test when I sub in white whole wheat flour and use organic sugar.

Dinner: Chicken enchiladas - we loved them, the kids not so much. I have a lot of leftover sauce so I want to find something creative to use it for.

Evening Snack: wine Wednesday & a handful or three or five of Unreal Nutty Ones.

Happy Eating!

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