Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 26

Football game today!! GO RU!!  Football food can be a tough challenge when trying to stay unprocessed.  We tailgate before every home game, and are limited to foods we can cook in a grass lot.  It's different than camping, in a way, as we are limited to the small grill and what you can cook on it.  This is the only home game during October, so I guess I got off kind of easy. :)  The game was at noon, which also presented a challenge.  We leave the house at 9:30am; so do you cook breakfast or lunch foods?  We usually do breakfast for a noon game.  Lunch if it is later.

So we went with egg sandwiches for the tailgate.  I bought store-made hard rolls; our grocery, while they do not claim to use whole wheat/non-GMO, do claim that their breads are made with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  They "claim" they follow the same homemade recipe we do.  Since football was a deliberate exception, I gave in and we used the hard rolls.  Still working on my breadmaker.  On those rolls, we used cage-free local eggs, fried in organic olive oil, with organic ketchup and sliced cheddar cheese.  My husband and boys added a slice of pork roll - Taylor Ham for those of you not from NJ.  I tried to hold true and didn't eat it.  So I did good, not great. Beverage was a mojito; tradition that can now be broken, since we lost the game.  Getting too cold for them anyway, :)

During the game, I ate and drank nothing.

After the game, for dinner we indulged in cleaning out all the leftovers from the fridge.

Evening snack: vanilla Chobani

Happy Eating!!

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