Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Unprocessed Challenge

I have decided to participate in the Unprocessed Challenge hosted by Eating Rules.

The challenge is for the month of October; starts today!!  I think it's going to be tough on Halloween, when I have leftover candy from my own door, as well as whatever my kids bring home.  Last year our Halloween was spoiled by Hurricane Sandy; in NJ we didn't trick or treat until well into November.  Neither of my teen boys had any interest in the festivities by then, so they did not trick or treat.  Maybe they will not want to go again this year?? Otherwise, I will have to wait until the morning of November 1 to eat what they don't like.  We eat so clean everyday, that this once a year treat is not going to hurt us.  I'll talk about what I am giving out at my door when we get a bit closer to the holiday.

My plan is to document my journey through the month; since we eat clean normally, it should not be too difficult, but this challenge encourages a but stronger adherence to the clean eating rules than I may normally follow.

So if you are interested in participating too, here is the link to the challenge:


The challenge is sponsored by Bob's Red Mill, one of my favorite manufacturers of whole grain products.  If you sign up, they will send you some coupons to help stock your pantry.

October Unprocessed 2013

Here is where you can find the official guide to the challenge: http://www.eatingrules.com/2013/09/official-guide-to-october-unprocessed/

One thing the challenge encourages you to do is set your own rules and limits as to what you can really hope to achieve.  They encourage you to do as much as you reasonably can within your own family guidelines.

My exceptions to the challenge: (I'm going to try my best to stick with these and only these - but as the month goes on I may have to edit as situations arise)

Chobani - I need it every day to help manage my acid reflux
Wine - I work at a winery and have to be able to taste our wines & we have a glass each night with dinner
Bread - I don't have a breadmaker YET so I have to reply on store bought breads
Unreal Candy - cause I am being realistic; can't give it up

Good luck everyone, and happy eating!!


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