Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 18

Today I went to visit my "local" university's Friday Farmer's Market.  My state university has a big agricultural program, and as part of it the sell the meat from the animals that the students raise.  This seasonal market is open through the end of November, but by mid-October the vendors start dropping out as their products are dwindling.  We have some great fall crops here in New Jersey, but one can only use so much kale.  My goal today was to stock up on some meats for winter.  Their prices are really great, and the money goes back to the university.

Breakfast: whole wheat bagel (that my son didn't want yesterday) with organic peanut butter & jelly

Morning Snack: blueberry Chobani

Lunch:  homemade chicken soup with veggies

Afternoon Snack: none

Dinner: cheese burger (grass fed beef) with cheddar on Vermont sandwich roll with organic corn on the cob from the farmers market!

Evening Snack: Angie's kettle corn!

Happy Eating!

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